Backing up your Data

In these current times computers have become an important part of everyday living, whether it be in the workplace or at home. With hardware being of the quality it is at present there is the possibility with almost every computer of having a problem at some point, whether it is from a disaster of a failed hard drive or the corruption of some of all of the data. 

After the increasing time & cost of entering the data don't risk loosing it by not having it backed up.

        *   How safe is your computer data?
        *   Do you perform a
regular backup your computer data?
        *   Do you
verify that your backup is correct?
        *   Have you ever
restored data from your backup?
        *   Do you
alternate between media & have more than one copy of the backup?
        *   How much
data would you lose if you lost the contents of the Hard Drive?
        *   Do you
store your backups in a secure location offsite?

There is nothing worse than after data being lost or corrupted finding out that the are either no backups available or the backups are of little or no value.  The cost & time involved in having employees re-enter lost data can put your business under huge stress.