Web Development

•   Web Strategy & Planning
•   Web Application Development
•   Web Design & Domain Publishing
•   Web Support & Webmaster Services

•   Web Sites can be just to be used as an Online Brochure, Informative of Current &
     Future news through to offering Full Online Sales & Payments.

•   In many cases, your website sets the first impression of your company to your current &
     new clients.  Think about the type of impression you are leaving which may have a direct
     impact on your Company.

•   Detail given to Planning of the User Interface Design with full Consultation with
     Clients - covering the Application, Design, Layout, and Navigational Controls to
     correctly identify & lead the customers you are targeting to your website.

•   Organisation of Web & Email Services - Domain Name Registrations.    >>> more...

Samples of Recent Client Web Sites
•   McClure Electrical •   The Pipe Doctor
•   Vacuum Trailers Australia •   Drainchem
•   RSP Environmetal Services  
  •   >>> Click for larger selection
Samples of Web Page Types
•   Samples of various types of Web Pages that can be used within your Web Site>>>>


         Software Development

•   Integrated & Standalone PC Software
•   PDA Software
•   Custom Written Software

Software Designed & Written to integrate with or replace Microsoft Office
    software - Outlook, Access, Word, Excel or your Accounting Software.

•   Software designed & written to be used on PDA's (Personal Data Assistant)
     using Windows Mobile software, that can be used either standalone or
     synchronised with the software on your Laptop & PC.

•   If you can't find that program that fits exactly what your business needs,
    consider a Custom written program that does exactly what you need it to.
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Examples of some general Applications

•   Database Front End Software.

•   PDA offsite data entry to synchronise with you PC.

•   Integration between 2 different Applications.

•   Access by Offsite Computers & PDAs via Internet Explorer to enter data into
    an Office Database, Invoice, Timesheet or Document etc.