Web Development - Sample Pages

•   Slide Show .htm
    A sample on running a Slide Show with links to web pages from the individual

•   Event Calendar .html
    A sample on running an Event Calendar.

•   Sample Project Manager .asp
    Another example of an Online Project type application for Employees to complete
whilst out of the Office on a Laptop or PDA with internet access.

•   Page Counter 1 .asp
     A simple Web Page Counter using coloured graphics to display the numeric
value.  Also has provision for counting Hits to a Web Page, but not displaying
any values.  Statistics for all pages can be viewed through one area.

•   Page Counter 2 .asp
     A simple text based Web Page Counter.

•   Online Phone Book .aspx
     An Online Database Phonebook type Application that allows for a higher
level of functions to be added to it.

•   Expanding Paragraph .asp
    A sample of how text on a page can be Expanded and Collapsed.

         Flash Website Samples

   Flash websites are eye-catching and impressive with vivid colours giving an
   interactive experience that engage the consumers visiting your web site.
   Enrich your websites with Flash from full web sites to banners or animations.
   It is very popular to use Flash for online portfolios and photo galleries.

•   Flash 3D Wall Gallery .html
    Lift the profile of the page with a 3D Wall Gallery of your images.

•   Flash Slide Show .html
    Use a more standard type Slide Show.

•   Full Flash Site .html
    Animate your web with sound brilliant quality Flash pages.

•   Full Flash Site (2) .html
    Slower loading but a very good example of a 3D Flash site with vivid colours.